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About that monkey chow....

zombies, robots, aliens and monsters since 2008

WOW, time has flown by.

You don't look like you've aged a day!


Me, on the other hand, I've aged just a little bit. Here's a recent photo.

When was the last time we saw each other? Weren't we talking about those aliens, monkeys, robots, and zombies all over the city? Oh well, It's nice to see you again.


and now a quick story


A nationally syndicated industrial monopoly once undertook the venture to produce cereal manufactured on equipment tethered to advanced atomic power. The company was praised for it's insight into the advancement of technology and earned prestige for producing food so effectively. Although intrinsically evil, the company was praised for using a portion of it's ill-gained profit to feed those that could not afford to be fed. Although an intellectual dilemma, lives were saved. Ultimately, there wasn't a corner of the world where this cereal wasn't sold.


Machines moved like clockwork.
Atoms were split.
Cereal was created.

For years the public consumed this cereal while the company withheld FDA data that the concoction was unfit for human consumption. In fact, in certain lab results monstrous defects would occur to those that ate it. Regardless, the company moved forward creating new and interestingly innovative flavors, captivating it's audience and running all competitors out of business. Everything was running smoothly for the industrial mega-monopoly - but everyone that was eating the cereal ... Well, they were changing.

The build up of split atoms and the atomic discharge of factory output polluted the cereal. as each ounce of food was eaten, each pound of human flesh was changed. In fact, some say the world didn't simply change because of the cereal - but life evolved because of the cereal!

Factory gates soon stood rusting in the wind and rain as employees no longer showed up for their jobs. Interestingly enough this is how it was for every factory on the planet. People ( if you could even call them people any more ) no longer showed up for any of their jobs!

Everything that once was had now completely evolved into something else. It was a new world, filled with new creatures. However, everything was so familiar and similar to the old world. In fact, it's hard for me to explain exactly what this new world is like - but, it is easier for me to draw it.

These illustrations reflect what happened to the world and how the lives of those that inhabit it have changed. it's a snap-shot into profound moments of revelation during their otherwise ordinary existence going about their day to day chores and tasks - just like they used to. I should stop and mention now that there are a few that believe nothing has changed at all - but once you see my illustrations I assure you that you'll see things are quite different!

Perhaps the cereal should go unnamed in case you ever come across a box and decide to try it out. however, i trust you, friend - so i'll let you in on a secret... If I were you, I wouldn't eat the Monkey Chow.

About Monkey Chow prints...

Every character is rendered in bright popping colors and injected with heartfelt emotion. Once a character has been brought to life on paper, it is immediately caught in an intrinsically profound moment that is at the crux of their entire life. At this point in time the artist lets us swap roles from viewers to voyeurs providing us with insight into their thoughts and emotions. Fueling the ideas behind Monkey Chow are friends, family, and requests from fans like you.

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